Digital Identiy

Obtain a Qualified Digital Identity according to the European eIDAS standard and sign your documents with the highest probative value in Europe; all from Tunisia.

Visit this product page for an identification appointment.

What documents are needed to create aN eIDAS qualified digital identity ?

A passport preferably valid or whose expiration date does not exceed one year and your physical presence are sufficient.

Can I send you a copy of my passport without showing up ?

No, obtaining an eIDAS qualified digital identity requires your physical presence and a confrontation between your ID document and you.

Do you accept the national identity card as an identity document ?

French identity documents or European identity cards can be accepted. Otherwise, you must provide a passport.

Could you perform remote identification by webcam ?

No, your physical presence is mandatory.

What is the price of the eIDAS qualified digital identity and its validity ?

The eIDAS qualified digital identity is free and is valid for five (5) years. You only pay the visual identification fee and signature tokens.

What is the price of visual identification ?

It all depends on your location on Tunisian territory.

If the identification is made in one of the four cities of “Greater Tunis” (Tunis, Arianna, Ben Arous, Manouba), you only pay the base price. Beyond that, count around +150 dinars (~ 45 €) for per 100 km, starting from downtown Tunis, to your place of identification (your city).

What is the price of signature tokens ?

The price of signature tokens decreases according to the quantity ordered. Contact us to help you determine the most suitable package for your needs.